Emma Bridgewater Australia

Emma Bridgewater – Australia Autumn 2018

Emma Bridgewater Australia Pink Pansy

Emma Bridgewater – Australia Autumn 2018

Today marks the launch of the new Spring Collection from Emma Bridgewater UK, of course Spring in the UK must mean Emma Bridgewater Australia Autumn 2018! Here’s an insight into some of the collection we will be seeing from today.

Emma Bridgewater Australia Autumn 2018 Pink Pansy CollectionPINK PANSY

Nostalgic and slightly French, these bold two-toned pink pansies are an exciting addition to the Pinks story Emma Bridgewater has been working on over the years.

Emma Bridgewater PinksPINKS

Pink Pansy goes so well with Pink Hearts (biscuits not essential but they were delicious).

Emma Bridgewater Spring Floral


Emma Bridgewater trialed the half pint mug with pretty spring florals last summer in the UK and the feedback from customers was excelle so here it is for Australia. A selection of pieces to go with the everlasting Polka Dot.

Emma Bridgewater WallflowerWALLFLOWER

Rainbow Dots are a new addition this season and the popular Mr & Mrs in Wallflower makes a welcome return Down Under.

Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Silver Hen on Nest BoxedTOAST & MARMALADE

Emma Bridgewater’s longest established and best-loved design. A new Cheese Plate is added and some re-introduced pieces including the very first half pint mug (one of the founding members of the Toast & Marmalade dynasty). Looks good in silver too …

Emma Bridgewater BluesBLUES

Emma Bridgewater has gone for big stars on the revised Blue Stars. Blue Splatter continues to perform stylishly, food looks unfailingly fantastic on this pattern.


This is a really popular new range of mugs that you are loving so Emma has added two more that also come in small mugs to make a perfect present for a little bear or mouse.


A fast growing collection of City mugs – to start 2018 off Edinburgh, Cambridge & Bath have been added. So whether as a happy memory of your UK visits or a generous present for a student who has worked hard, they are our best-sellers amongst the mugs.

Emma Bridgewater Kings & Queens


We’ve been wanting to do these for years, and finally have tackled what is obviously quite a big project. It starts with some of our best-known monarchs, perhaps some more obscure ones will follow…Queen Victoria in mourning purple, Charles 1 with a gory end and Edward I with some slightly unfriendly views on cultural diversity.


The new designs are a smart black and tan Pochard and a (rather rare) Dartford Warbler (Matthew saw this in Portugal earlier in the year and admits to not having seen one in England). The most passionate collectors might by now have amassed a dresser of over 150 different birds – quite a collection…

 Emma Bridgewater Garden BirdsGARDEN BIRDS

A huge hit all round Australia and the best-selling of all the Birds. First the brightly coloured bird table crew, and second the more muted cliff dwellers below.


Popular Farmyard mugs: cows, pigs and sheep drawn from Emma & Matthew’s farm at Bampton.

Emma Bridgewater Animals


Three mugs brought back by popular demand…


New Sweet Pea mugs, either boxed or on their own, make these flowers extra summery.


A smart, black Scotty is joining the kennels and the Dachshund makes a reappearance. Last year’s surprise success, the Vizsla, proves that we have plenty of breeds still to unleash.


This range is extremely popular right around Australia. A nice pair of chicken run half pint mugs is joining this very popular collection. Emma Bridgewater has been making the Hen on Nest since 2004, it has become one of the most quintessential Emma Bridgewater pieces.

View the Emma Bridgewater Australia Autumn 2018 collection here.

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