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Gift Vouchers: Let Them Choose Their Own Present!

You know that feeling, when a sense of mild panic sets in when you realise you just have no idea what to get them for a present? We’ve got some good news…Voucher-5Finch & Lane Interiors have just released a range of gift vouchers (purchase online), that means you don’t have to think about what to get them, they choose the perfect gift for themselves and it’s from you!

Select from five different designs. You can add a personal message to the voucher and then either send it by email to the lucky person to print and redeem in store (or you can send it to yourself, print it and hand it to them in person).

Now we’re sure you are thinking that you might like one of these gift vouchers for yourself – why not share/send this post along to someone as a giant hint!

Gift vouchers start at just $100, view here

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