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Our interior stylist will help you select the perfect colour palette, furniture and decor mix for your room, home or apartment. With 30 years of international experience in design and fashion Stephanie can recommend the right colour palette, furnishings and decor mix for your home.

Services include color consultation, painting, lighting selection, bedding and window treatment selection, furniture selection and placement, kitchen and bathroom decor, hardware and furnishing selection, staging, space planning, office and bedroom design, and more.  Stephanie can also assist design individuals planning a project on their own.

Stephanie can offer creative design solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout the Australia.

  • Transform your home or business with carefully selected decor items in conjunction with Stephanie.
  • Whatever your budget Stephanie can work with you so your personal tastes and preferences are not compromised.

No matter how big or small the project I love the chance to meet with my clients to help them transform their room or home into something they will enjoy for many years.


Stephanie will spend approximately two hours with you in your home or business, she will discuss with you your requirements and your preferences, included as part of your consultation:

  • A full two hour consultation to explore discuss and view and discuss your home or business requirements to better understand your style, preferences, lifestyle and personality that can be reflected in your home or business.
  • A follow up meeting to present a complete written report, colour pallets and boards along with tips and suggestions on how you can update the rooms in your home or business.
  • We present any furnishings, ideas and colours to you at your home or business as a follow up to the initial home consultation.
  • We work with you on how to style your home to suit you, your lifestyle and personality.
  • Follow up telephone and emails to assist you with your progress and answer any questions you may have.
  • Plus two follow up email and telephone follow ups to assist you with your progress and answer any questions you may have.

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Our stylist will focus on the following areas to help enhance your living and dining spaces:


Find a way to use the existing space to your advantage as there are limits on how much you can place in the room


From fabrics and furniture to accessories, e.g. Using smooth or light reflecting surfaces in a small room can help project a sense of space. Similarly using rough textures in a bright, light room will help to balance the excess of light.


Creating a captivating environment using natural or manmade sources


The key element of interior style as it can transform any space and sets the mood for the room


Work with you to ensure that you have the best furniture pieces to refresh your rooms and provide the updated look you are searching for

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